All of the samples are made up of three main and fundamental materials in the earth's crust - SiO2, Al2O3 and CaO, that account about 80% of the earth's crust. Each piece is mixed in different rate of the three materials with water and is fired at 1280℃.

Their various characteristics are what happen on the earth and in its history, naturally and essentially. Only three materials have the great majority of the earth and they create various forms with water and heat. Some of the mixtures become solid and others change fluid in 1280℃, although each melting point of the three materials is far higher than 1280℃ (SiO2-1650℃, Al2O3-2050℃, CaO-2572℃).

In addition, elements in the rest 20% and organic matters make the world colourful and vivid.




Trinary, 2009-1

SiO₂, Al₂O₃, CaO